The birth of a healthy child is a miracle; keeping a child healthy is an art. Sebi


Treatment consists of a number of steps and therapies.

  • Clearance of the most relevant stress factors in the patient's history: vaccines, anaesthesia, antibiotics, childhood diseases, etc. In cases with a history of difficult delivery and/or caesarian section, osteopathic help will be called in. Osteopaths are of the opinion that the meningae are often too tense leaving the brain insufficient room to grow (causing stress!).
  • Secondly the oxidative stress of the celebral cortex is treated with fat soluble vitamin C and the brain is nourished with omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) which are important building blocks for the brain.
  • Thirdly the metallothionein function in the bowels and the brain can be restored with the use of zinc. For this we use an ascorbate complex (water soluble vitamin C combined with potassium, magnesium (tranquillizer) and zinc). This also restores the integrity of the bowels. In addition Saccharum Officinale D6 likewise yields good results in restoring intestinal flora and function.
  • Next, specific aspects of the austistic behaviour can be addressed by constitutional homeopathic treatment of the child, whereby a remedy is selected that is largely based on the behaviour of the child. The remedy Saccharum Officinale and other constitutional remedies are important elements in restoring eyecontact, contact with the outside world and the emotions etc. Cuprum Metallicum can offer the solution to the typical rigidity and obsessiveness. Both remedies are part of Inspiring Homeopathy and not yet very well known in the homeopathic world.