Case 1

This first case clearly demonstrates how effective detoxification of vaccines can be, because after a first series of remedies the parents stopped treatment for well over six months. The first series had a very clear and positive effect on the development of Tom. During the break there was no longer any improvement. When after six months treatment is resumed with further detoxification of the vaccines as well as additional constitutional treatment combined with fish oil, zinc and sulfur, Tom improved considerably again. Let us take a closer look at this process.

At 11 months there was a complete reversal in Tom's development. He displayed major regression. All at once he was no longer able to do things. He withdrew into his own little world, was unreachable and showed lack of emotional contact. Till the age of two and a half he remains in this condition, but after this slowly starts to develop again. He has many ear infections and a chronic cold; at 14 months he gets his first ear tubes. I see him in my practice when he is nearly four. His development lags behind about 18 months and in bad spells he cannot be reached at all. He also displays many repetitive movements such as up and down movements on his knees and elbows in his bed, which makes the bed move through the entire room.

He has been vaccinated according to schedule from three months on. Apart from the DTPP/HIB and MMR he also received the Meningococ-C vaccination. I decide to detoxify both the MMR and the DTPP/HIB and to give three series of a month each of every shot. The MMR series lead to violent reactions and seemed to aggravate his autism, but after each DTPP/HIB series he clearly improves. Contact has increased, he looks you in the face, makes jokes and engages in question and answer games. Language comprehension improves and he displays a more extrovert attitude.

I prescribe three additional short series of the MMR as well as three of the DTPP/HIB. I don't see him again until a year later. The series have had much effect. He talks a lot more and contact has greatly increased. Things no longer obsess him. He has found his place in the family. Serious behavioral disorders no longer exist. Before detoxification he would often spend hours in a corner of the room turning the wheel of a toy car. At times, he still flutters when very excited. His developmental retardation has not been fully restored, neither his motor skills or his cognitive abilities are up to par. His speech is somewhat staccato. Playing with other children than his sister still proves to be problematic at times. Now, after a meal he is satisfied, whereas before he continued eating.

Then I prescribe a higher potency of the DTPP/HIB (LMK), once every two weeks. Sometimes the disturbance has penetrated so deeply into the energy that lower potencies fail to cover it completely. In addition I also start with Saccharum Officinale 30K, twice a week; fish oil 500mg, a zinc supplement with Vitamin B6 and 1000mg MSM (a sulfur supplement). I see him again three months later. Only now do the parents realize that during the break in therapy the development of their son had come to a halt. In three months' time he has recovered remarkably. He has learned to ride a bike, is toilet-trained day and night, contact has further improved and his speech has shown great progress; he spontaneously talks about things and is able to have real conversations. He is less excited by things out of the ordinary. There are no more repetitive movements. At swim class things are fine and for the first time he enjoyed the fair this year. Last year this still proved to be very problematic. In response to my question to rate the healing process with a number, 10 being complete cure and 0 being the pre-treatment situation, the parents rate manageability as a 9 and the overall healing process as a 6/7. Weak points are still his concentration, contact and responding to assignments. The DTPP/HIB LMK is continued unchanged and the Saccharum Officinale is raised to a 200K once every two weeks. The supplements likewise remain unchanged. If the healing process continues in this manner, it is likely to expect a complete cure.

Case 2

This case is exceptional because his autistic features have been caused mainly during the first 18 months of his life when he suffered emotional deprivation in an orphanage before his adoption. He was double vaccinated first in China and then again in the Netherlands. This case dates from the time that I was looking for the solution to the treatment of autistic children and used different supplements. Here the homeopathic treatment played an important role. Nowadays the additional treatment has become simpler and more uniform. I think that with the actual treatment with vitamin C and fish oil the results would have been the same.

Kjell is an adopted child from China. He was abandoned the first day of his life and for the first 18 months grew up in an orphanage. Until his adoption he had never been outside. He had a cleft palate and a split lip which were untreated until he came to Holland. All facts showed that he did not like the adoption. His attitude displayed no need of others. He refused everything. Even giving him the bottle was impossible, he would take it and lay on the floor to drink from it and this only when it contained his familiar milk. He literally withdrew on touch. He would only turn the wheels of his toy cars, he never made them ride. Contact was absolutely impossible. He constantly looked up at the ceiling and lights. He only ate mashed food, all lumps were regurgitated.

An osteopathic practitioner transferred him to me. Osteopathy did him much good, since the treatment he is able to really cry, often in half hour spurts and he also laughs a lot more and even acts like a clown. He makes contact with other children and physical contact is possible as well. When he comes to see me (two and a half year old) he doesn't speak a word and remains in a close circle around his mother with fingers in his mouth. He drains his mother's energy. He is obsessed by food, has no point of saturation and could eat all day long. He is quite obese. He screams without making a move till he gets what he wants. He perspires a lot and sleeps in pajamas without a blanket. At night he is very active and does not fall asleep until 9.30 p.m. He has been vaccinated in China, but in Holland all the series were repeated.

Adoptive children often respond very well to the homeopathic medicine Saccharum because the main theme of this medicine is lack of love and fear of abandonment. A mother in charge of a crisis shelter for small children who comes often to me with children she takes care of for a while told me: "It is unbelievable what you accomplish with Saccharum in these children. It is amazing how much they improve".

For an experienced homeopath, it would not be difficult to discern the Saccharum traits in this child as well. I prescribed Saccharum Officinale 30K twice a week after which he improved dramatically. His mother says he is a different child. He no longer looks up and away. He even kisses his mother while embracing her. He wants to be carried now. He eats everything, even with lumps. He is open to new experiences, climbs on and touches everything. He shows an interest in his environment and enjoys going outside. He also displays bad tempers. Yet even though his improvement was spectacular, he relapsed at the end of the 30K period. But the Saccharum 200K proved to help again.

He is very cheerful and sings all day long. He loves music and dances to it. He throws temper tantrums when things do not go his way.

From this we moved on to Saccharum MK. As a reaction he develops eczema and often puts his fingers in his mouth again. Invariably a week and a half after taking a dose of Saccharum MK he becomes aggressive again.

Then I moved on to Saccharum XMK in combination with Calcarea Carbonica D6 once a day and calcium (200mg) twice a day in order to initiate his speech development.

I have abandoned to treat speech problems with calcium, homeopathically as well as in orthomolecular doses. The results were too meager.

He responds very well to the first dose of Saccharum XMK but when he takes the second dose two weeks later he has a very strong aggravation which resembles a complete relapse.

His developmental retardation is enormous, but now his speech clearly starts to develop: he asks the name of things and memorizes it. He knows entire songs by heart and sings along with them. Yet he remains fixed in his thinking, is pushy and has a quick temper.

Subsequently I decide to treat him also orthomolecularly according to the views of the Pfeiffer Treatment Center. I prescribe zinc citrate 15mg once daily, Vitamin B6 50mg once daily; Orthiflor Atopic (a probiotic) twice daily. After this he improves dramatically, physically his eczema clears up and mentally his speech is improving; he is no longer aggressive and plays much better but after six weeks, there is again a sudden relapse.

In my understanding he still lacks something that has become the restricting factor. I prescribe him DHA, pyridoxal-5-phosphate (active form of B6); MSM 500mg twice daily; L-glutathione 250mg and L-glutamine 500mg. In addition to this he still has the calcium and Calcarea carbonica D6 twice daily, and Saccharum Officinale XMK every 10 days.

Subsequently there is a definite breakthrough. His mother confirms this. He began to improve after only three days. He climbed on a chair as if he wanted to say: "Look at me!" He shows that he is present. His speech is improving by the week; he makes two or three word sentences. He chooses his own clothes. He is able to choose small things like what he wants to eat on his bread. He is no longer obsessed with food and senses when he is full. He has lost a lot of weight, his mother says he literally dropped a load. His diapers are no longer foul, his faeces are normal with normal odor. He still has temper tantrums when he needs another dose of Saccharum.

He now takes Saccharum LMK once every three weeks. It is difficult to say what caused him to have the 'definite' breakthrough. Could it have been the DHA, the MSM, the glutathione or the glutamine. What is clear is that a combined treatment of a homeopathic remedy and a specific orthomolecular treatment have led to more results than I or the parents could have imagined. After all, he was a severely traumatized child belonging to the autistic spectrum!

The vaccines were not detoxified in this particular child. Often I start with the detox program which in itself can lead to remarkable improvements.

Case 3

At times the mere detoxification of the suspected vaccine proves to be the solution of the case and often it is a first step to cure.

Rik (4 ½ years ): diagnosis autism. He had been a perfectly normal child until the MMR vaccination at 16 months. He had developed rapidly, had been able to go up and down the stairs by himself. In the first week after his MMR shot he relapsed rapidly, mentally as well as physically. His behavior changed dramatically: he became aggressive, was uncontrollable at the daycare center, made screeching noises, withdrew from strangers, his speech completely disappeared and his physical development stopped and even relapsed. He became a poor sleeper; eye contact was no longer possible; his pupils were fully contracted and no longer responded to light; there was no way to correct him. He had soft stools and frequent nosebleeds.

After five series of potentized MMR much has been accomplished. His pupils react to light again and eye-contact is reestablished; the nosebleeds have stopped; he sleeps well again. He has resumed speaking and forms two or three word sentences. He is once again aware of and responsive to his environment. For instance at one point he suddenly became afraid of seeing a mother duck with ducklings whereas before he never had shown any response to such a scene. He is able to reach out and make contact. He hugs his parents and people he loves, he comforts his sister when she cries. His restlessness is gone and he is able to follow instructions. His fears have decreased and his self-mutilating tendencies have completely disappeared. During each potentized MMR series he screamed as when he received the original MMR vaccination, but afterwards he steadily improved. He is back to being a normal child, the veils have been lifted.

Case 4

At times the constitutional homeopathic remedy (often Saccharum Officinale) plays a key role and provides the sought after breakthrough. This proved to be the case with Diede. When I see him, he is four years old, suffers from eczema and is very restless with strong autistic traits and cannot be corrected. He avoids eyecontact, screams when taken to bed and often has nightmares. He was a perfect child up to the age of three months when he received his first DTPP/HIB. Yet he shows no sign of improvement during the detoxification of the vaccines. However when a treatment with Sxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx* is started, 30K once a week, within three months there is clear improvement: he plays like a normal child again and his autistic traits have completely disappeared. His eczema and thin stool are cured. He is no longer restless, is open to correction and no longer has unnecessary temper tantrums. He goes to sleep without any trouble and no longer experiences nightmares. His speech is progressing slowly and so far there has been no relapse (2 years later).

Case 5

This case is also from my beginning time when I started the treatment of autistic children. The detoxification of her vaccines was very successful, but the constitutional treatment with homeopathy did not work. Finally the correction of the cupper-zinc levels and the addition of different supplements worked.

Anke is a seven year old girl when I first see her at my practice. She mainly has behavioral problems. She is very aggressive towards her mother and younger brother, rebellious and incorrigible. Afterwards she often feels very sorry and promises never to do it again, yet five minutes later things can totally escalate once again. For no reason she suddenly becomes very angry and is beside herself. In this state she appears to be a different person. Her mother says that the look in her daughter's eyes changes and her voice becomes very commanding. It is as if she is not aware of hurting others. Everything needs to be done according to a strict time schedule and nothing can be moved in the house. She is very insecure in new situations and becomes angry when not understood or when things are done outside of regular routine. She has a hard time dealing with emotions, especially grief, fear and disappointment. She is only able to play with her younger brother when things exactly go her way. She wants to be in control and is greatly attached to fixed rituals. In school however she behaves normally and there are no problems whatsoever.

Even though a proper diagnosis has never been made, it is clear that Anke definitely has autistic traits. Her physical development however is perfectly normal and not retarded as is often the case in autistic children. She is also able to adjust her behavior outside of her home.

With Anke I have applied all three therapeutic methods extensively. The administration of supplements eventually led to a definite breakthrough.

First the various vaccines were detoxified. She had violently resisted her second DTPP/HIB shot (at three months old). Immediately on entering the infant care center she had started screaming at the top of her lungs and had to be held down by three adults in order to give her the shots. (This seems to be unrealistic, but that is what the mother told me). With every other shot after that she responded similarly. The vaccinations themselves did not seem to bother her that much.

I started the treatment with two detoxifying series of MMR. After the second series she was very angry and contrary. After three series of DTPP/HIB she became more quiet and her anger diminished. Further detoxification showed no improvement but her mother says her eyes look much better. It is remarkable that during the series she is not troubled by her aggressive moods, but afterwards she quickly relapses into her old behavior. Apparently something else is bothering her. She has many fears, especially fear of abandonment when her mother leaves.

A homeopathic treatment with Cuprum Arsenicosum, Aconitum, Vernix Caseosa, Saccharum Officinale, Lac Maternum, Anacardium, Rhus Toxicodendron and Lycopodium does not give the desired effect. She herself says that some wires are mixed up in her head.

In the meantime I have attended the autism congress in Chicago and have her copper and zinc tested. This gives us a good lead. She has elevated copper and greatly reduced zinc, as in the case of autists. Subsequently the treatment is started with zinc, fish oil, probiotics, glutathione, glutamine and vitamin B complex. After a distinct improvement she still relapses after the summer break when she goes back to school. I then prescribe her extra MSM 1000mg twice a day and L-Cystein 500mg once daily. (according to the Pfeiffer Institute protocol). After two months she is doing much better. Anke has turned out to be a nice girl: her anger is practically gone, she is more flexible and no longer suffers from bad morning moods. Her desire for sweets has greatly decreased.

Case 6

In this case the major part of the autism has been cured with the detoxification of the MMR shot.

Rik is autistic and at the time 7 years old. He has serious developmental and behavioral disorders that started a few days after the MMR vaccination at 16 months of age. Before this time he had been a perfectly healthy child. He had started walking before turning one and was very bright. After the MMR shot he became apathetic, throwing stuff instead of playing and hitting everything with sticks. He retreated when people came to visit. His speech development greatly relapsed and he bit rubber things. He had difficulty going to sleep and woke up around four in the morning. There was no longer any eye contact, his pupils were contracted and he looked right through you. In kindergarten his aggressive and out of control behavior made him impossible. His stool had turned soft and at night he often had nose bleeds. He was very spasmodic.

Yet his parents never made any link with the MMR shot. Not until he was three years old his mother consulted a pediatrician who diagnosed a link with the MMR shot and reported the case to the RIVM (Dutch governmental institute for vaccination). The latter called the parents stating that if they could present ten more cases with similar symptoms the matter would be investigated. A fine assignment for the parents whose autistic child already proved more than a handful.

The MMR had already been (partially) detoxified by a fellow homeopath after which he was able to sleep through the night. A halt was put to the nose bleeds and some contact was reestablished. I detoxified the MMR with an extension of the four potencies with a 6K, 12K and LMK. As a reaction to the 6K he experienced a great relapse as if the vaccine was being readministered: he withdrew emotionally with once again contracted pupils, nose bleeds and bouts of yelling and screaming. After four days he revives and is able to repeat each word, sings " happy birthday" and suddenly says " I am happy". He tears everything up like a two year old, sits at the table and is able to lay out a thirty-five piece puzzle. He hangs his coat on the coat rack and the yelling and screaming have diminished a lot. He is once again back in the world. He looks at you, he responds to the emotions of others, kisses his mother when he hurts her. He is much more controllable and attends a regular kindergarten. The veil has been lifted and his pupils are wide open. He no longer throws his toys about. His aggression has greatly diminished and he is able to give hugs again. He has slowly come out of his isolation.

In school he handles work situations well and really plays. Even though his speech has progressed, it still remains the most retarded aspect.

Case 7

I recently received this e-mail from the US, which I did not want to keep from you. It shows once again that detoxifying vaccines is well worth the effort.

Hello Dr. Smits,

I read your website with great interest. My son (now 29 months) became severely autistic with other biological health issues after his first DTP shot. We have seen a classical homeopath with great success over the past 13 months. This past dose of DTP remedy has been nothing short of a miracle. In quick summary, my son went from a child that did not speak, did not play, did not interact, banged his head repeatedly all day, spun in circles, and other stims, with leaky gut syndrome, yeast infections, and other issues to a little boy who now speaks, plays, laughs, is potty trained, and by all other means is a normal toddler. There are no residual autistic symptoms! However, he must remain on a strict diet. He can only eat rice, potato, pears, chicken and beef. He can also tolerate sheep's yogurt. He is still very intolerant of gluten, casein, soy, corn and phenols.

Case 8

In this case, which goes back to the beginning of my treatment of autistic children, we see that different approaches are necessary to keep the healing process going. Sometimes certain approaches do not give the expected results and sometimes certain treatments give unexpected results.

Adriaan is four and a half years old when he first appears in my practice. He has not fully completed the vaccination program. In reaction to the first DTPP/HIB he was a little shaky, to the second one he developed a high fever and was ice cold for twentyfour hours. He showed similar reactions to the third shot but additionally became very ill. To the fourth shot at 15 months of age he developed a fever of 39,5 Centigrade even after having been given aspirin in advance. He didn't eat for three - four days, cried in an abnormal way, vomited continually, developed a very swollen leg, suddenly starting tilting his head and after three days the skin around his mouth started to peel which is indicative of an intestinal disorder. After two days he also overstretched which is indicative of a brain disorder. From that time on he also developed chronic diarrhea.

These were not the only problems he was having because he also stopped talking, started looking straight ahead as if he had blinders on and contact was no longer possible. At the tender age of three months he had already developed intestinal problems, right before the first shot he had had bloody diarrhea with mucous but this was no problem whatsoever to the infant care center. In their view, sick children could also be vaccinated. There is hardly any contra-indication as there used to be, an opinion that shows little medical insight. My advice is: "Never have your child vaccinated if it is not completely healthy, not even when it has a common cold".

Adriaan continued to have green stools with mucous and some blood. He also turned out allergic to all kinds of food. He had multiple respiratory infections and was prescribed Pulmicort. Additionally he received large amounts of antibiotics which increased his intestinal problems. At the age of three years his tonsils were removed.

An orthomolecular doctor prescribed various supplements. Subsequently his behavior gradually improved. He attends a medical day care center due to his hyperactivity and social skill disorder. His fine motor skills in particular are retarded and his concentration is poor. He is difficult to correct and reprimands don't stick, even when he is punished. He displays quite a lot of aggression towards other children and uses many abusive terms. He becomes very hyper and indomitable when exposed to too many stimuli. His fantasy has clearly improved and his IQ is above average.

We agree on a four week series of DTPP/HIB, followed two weeks later by a short series of a week. At first he has more trouble going to sleep and his behavior falls back. He is harder to correct, is very obstinate and inflexible. He gets stuck in things a lot. His intestines react also, in particular to the MK with thin, smelly and sour stools. Blood analysis shows he has high copper and low zinc.

In this stage of treatment it often is very hard for parents to keep having faith in the treatment, especially because they are often exposed to very negative reactions from the environment and official organizations. These detox courses often last for months and when aggravations continue for a while some parents drop out.

But Adriaan's parents persevered. He is given additional zinc, vitamin B6, MSM, L-Cystein, L-Histidine and fish oil.

Six months later Adriaan is doing a lot better. He has became more sociable, empathetic and is very attached to his parents. The normal feelings slowly return. He likes to play outside. His stool now is solid and regular. His allergies have greatly improved.

His parents have started osteopathy which brings more balance. He has fewer tantrums and is able to play better by himself. Yet his overall behavior has only slightly improved.

Next I start with the homeopathic remedy Sxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx* 30K, once a week and the same supplements are continued. After four months he shows definite improvement. His language skills have much improved and in school he is in the top of his class. His social skills have also improved although he does not always sense when enough is enough and can be quite domineering. He is very eager to learn and loves nature. He has an eye for detail. He remains hard to correct. His concentration has improved. The autism diagnosis no longer holds and parents estimate the healing process to be 60% given that there is still much room for improvement.

* This text was censored by the Dutch government. The original uncensored text can be found at
Censored text: Saccharum Officinale