According to my personal theory and experience, autism is caused by an accumulation of stress factors in the cerebral cortex (neocortex). These stress factors can start before or during pregnancy, caused by e.g. tropical vaccines of the future parents, use of allopathic drugs, application or removal of amalgam fillings, bacterial or viral infections, premature birth or a difficult delivery. The first two years of a child's life also plays a crucial role with its growing number of vaccines. Other medical procedures may further increase stress levels: anaesthesia (e.g. positioning of ear tubes), insufficient nutrition with too much sugar, hydrogenated fats and food deficiencies, insufficient water supply, use of microwave oven, various environmental factors (e.g. plastics and heavy metals) etc. When at 14 months of age the MMR and Meningococcal vaccinations are administered (dutch situation), stress levels reach a breaking point whereby the brain gets locked or enters a sort of standby mode. Important functions of the cerebral cortex shut down.

Step by step discovery

My interest in autism was sparked by my experiences with the detoxification of children who were damaged by the administration of vaccines. Many behavioral problems soon disappeared when vaccines were detoxified, even when many of these children came to me for completely different reasons. In my practice it turned out that mood swings, aggression, restlessness, attention deficit disorder (ADD) and ADHD often are correlated to the many and early vaccinations in children. When some of my autistic patients greatly improved after the detoxification of their vaccines, my interest was aroused, and I became increasingly convinced that autism must at least partially tie in with the administration of vaccines. At the Chicago congress on autism in May of 2003 I presented 30 cases of behavioral disorders that had significantly improved with the detoxification of the vaccines (among these were three autistic children). Nowadays it has become clear that vaccines are not the only culprit, although the most important, other toxic substances can also play an important role.