Tania Dilmani

Tania Dilmani

359 San Miguel drive suite 303
92660 Newport Beach
United States
Phone: 4242268072 33.6125477,-117.8723257,13


Tania Dilmani is an award winning international best selling author, and the Ceo of Living MY Best Inc. She is the founder of Mommy Homeopathy Academy and is a celebrity in the world of busy moms, empowering them and coaching the whole family to prevent disease using natural alternatives and by boosting the immune system. She is passionate about teaching and healing and more so about supporting you to get to the root of any obstacle in your life as an opportunity to be healthier, happier, and more successful! ​Tania's spent the last 15 years helping families prevent dis-ease and now she brings you her expertise integrating wellness on a holistic body, mind and soul connection. She walks you through her step by step programs and certification training's to help you create the life you deserve, desire and dream of! Tania is one of the leading Homeoprophylaxis supervisor in the United States, she is involved passionately with families to prevent vaccine injuries and to assist with cease therapy to remove any obstacles to cure.