Shiba Surti, DHMS, CCH

Shiba Surti, DHMS, CCH

826 N Winchester Blvd, Suite # 1
95128 San Jose
United States
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Hi, I am professionally trained in homeopathy and have been in practice since 2000. I graduated from the Ahmedabad Homeopathic Medical College, India in 1999. During my studies, I happened to have some health issues which were acute in nature. My teachers helped me with homeopathic remedies, and this completely changed the way that I looked at homeopathy and the health care system. It put everything in a new perspective. I started to move closer and closer to the field of natural medicine. Soon enough I began to help both my family and my friends through homeopathy. Eventually I ended up volunteering at Ananda Marga Homeopathic Clinic in Portland, OR. Later on I worked at Next Health Urgent Care in Virginia. I am grateful that I had the chance to receive a homeopathic education before I had my two healthy children. I was able to treat my children whenever they fell sick. Whenever we went to the doctor’s office, the pediatrician would always comment on how my children never seemed to get as sick as other children. My passion is to help families reach their highest potential in healthy living. So, In recent years I’ve explored other natural fields in medicine such as CEASE Therapy, BACH flower remedies, Biochemic Cell Salts, the Chakra System, and Homeoprophylaxis. I also help families with coaching and counselling. Thank you, Shiba Surti, DHMS, CCH