Lynn J. Mealey

4 Bramley Way
AL4 0DA St. Albans
United Kingdom
Phone: 07801 247939 51.7462761,-0.300850999999966,13


My Homeopathic training empowered me with a comprehensive understanding of the function of the body’s energy system in health and disease – and I am passionate about using this knowledge to help achieve wellness gently and holistically. I treat a wide range of conditions and often see chronic, complex or sensitivity health issues – some of which arise from cumulative toxic onslaughts or just 21st century life – which require creative solutions to help heal them. I love Homeopathy’s immense versatility with its vast range of remedies and potencies, diverse methodologies and invaluable CEASE protocol (which is effective for treating Autistic Spectrum as well as many chronic health conditions) which I combine where appropriate with flower essences, herbal tinctures, nutritional support and environmental advice. These all harmonize beautifully to detoxify, strengthen and facilitate change and healing on many levels. Over the past decade in practice, I have witnessed Homeopathy transform health, improve quality of life and heal a multitude of conditions – and I remain in awe of its power and strive to help others benefit from its potential. I practice in both Hertfordshire and London, although many of my consultations are by telephone with clients from all over the UK. I am a fully registered Member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths.