Lynne Shrubb

Lynne Shrubb

Wharf Clinic, The Wharf, Coombe Hill
United Kingdom
Phone: 447753222306


I discovered the amazing medicine Homeopathy after we had travelled down many alternative routes without success searching for a way to solve our son's ADHD problems which started when he was aged 2.After I found our son's intolerance to chlorine could be solved by using a simple homeopathic remedy then I discovered the same outcome could be achieved for my cat allergy! When I came to a cross roads in my career it seemed obvious to me to train to become a homeopath and it was during my training that I discovered the positive effect certain remedies could have on my son's difficult and anti social behaviour. He is now about to start the 3rd year of his Masters degree at a top UK Uni and with relief we laugh now when we recall we were once told our son would have to attend a special school where no GCSEs were possible! I have been practicing successfully as a fully trained and licensed Homeopath for 5 years now and having trained this year and fully understand the CEASE method on treatment, I feel it offers parents, who are in the same position as I was, a perfect opportunity to gently guide their child back to normality. As the relationship between parent and practitioner is so important, my advice is that you ring a minimum of 2 or 3 CEASE Practitioners and go with the one who gels well with you and who seems the most confident in meeting your child's unique set of needs. Warm regards, Lynne Shrubb, LCH, MARH, RHom