Kay Wesley

Kay Wesley

86b Tennyson Road
NW6 7SB London
United Kingdom
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Kay Wesley ~ Diploma Shamanic Homeopathy (DSH) & Post Graduate Studies ~ Member Lakeland College of Homeopathy (MLC Hom) ~ CEASE Therapist ~ Master Teacher, Magnified Healing® , Phase One, Phase Three & Celebration Workshops ~ Food As Medicine & Meridian Therapy - College of Zen Shiatsu and Natural healing ~ Registered Member, Association of Natural Medicine (R.M.A.N.M) I love Homeopathy & Healing, the combination is absolutely magical and can help you to achieve amazing things, to clear the effects of  the pains of our past and the pains passed on by our ancestors. To connect with our higher or true self and follow our destiny. I don’t think I’ll ever lose the fascination and passion for health and want to learn more and more! In my practice I love to learn what makes people tick, to get to the very core, to the underlying blockages and imbalances (wether from a life lived thousands of years ago, from buried trauma in this life, or from ancestral patterning) and to heal those causes using homeopathy and energy healing alongside the many tools that I have studied and absorbed through my life. Through Homeopathy and Energetic Healing I have taken the journey to become me, to live fully and to follow my dreams and destiny without the burdens of the past. My aim is to help others to do the same… there’s nothing more exciting or rewarding than to see a person blossom before your very eyes and I feel so fortunate to experience that each day in my work!

Advanced CEASE Courses Completed

  • 1 day advanced course covering homeoprophylaxis, Materia medica of vaccines and research taught by Dr. Isaac Golden April 2013

  • 1 day advanced course covering dealing with aggravations, reatment of chronic diseases, especially autoimmune diseases and hormonal suppression, matridonal remedies taught by Kim Kalina April 2013