Dagmar Neffgen

Dagmar Neffgen

Augustastrasse 27
48153 Münster
Phone: 00492517779296


In my practice in Münster I combine the following therapies: Classical Homeopathy, Neurobiology after Dr. Klinghardt and Family constellation work. I always try to find the best working individual combination for the patient. With the help of the Autonomic Response Test (ART) - a kinesiological muscle test taught by Dr. Klinghardt is very helpful with that. It is also helpful in the CEASE Therapy. With the ART I can find out which substance or vaccination has the highest priority to be eliminated or what kind of substances the patient needs desperately. In some cases first of all a trauma needs to be healed - in other cases it is the anaesthetics given during birth that has to be eliminated. I started with my "Heilpraktiker" practice in 2007. I am a certified Homeopath by the SHZ (Stiftung Homeopathie Zertificat), I am also certified for the neurobiological therapies of Dr. Klinghardt ( I teach Homepathy in Münster, Hamburg and Austria. I can speak English and German. My special interest lies on the digestive trakt and the biological treatment of parasites. Healing the gut...heals the brain.