Anna de Cleir

Anna de Cleir

Sousheen, Ballymore
Naas, Kildare
Phone: 087 1333776 53.2120434,-6.8194708,13


Anna de Cléir is a registered homeopath and CEASE therapist based in Kildare, Ireland. She offers healing for her patients through natural remedies that help your body to cure itself. She takes a holistic approach to her therapy, treating you as a person and with her gentle, compassionate approach, she will get to the root of your problems. She will also find the right remedy for you and will make herself available at all times during the treatment. Anna has worked in a Homeopathic Hospital in Chennai, India. During her time there she worked alongside world renowned Doctors of Homeopathy and gained considerable experience in prescribing. Anna has worked as a homeopath for more than 15 years and is registered with the Irish Society of Homeopaths. Anna is a post graduate of the Irish School of Homeopathy and has studied the treatment of fertility with specialists from the Dutch School of Homeopathy. Anna also tutors students and appreciates being able to pass on the wisdom she has gathered over the years to them. Anna was inspired to explore homeopathy when two of her children developed eczema and asthma. She began to realise that the mind and body are one and that no illness can be cured without treating the mind as well as the body. She works from that level of wisdom with classical homeopathy and applies this philosophy when treating her patients.